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HeavyBro's News

Posted by HeavyBro - July 8th, 2019

Hello, I want to talk with the most serious thing you must be concerned, I am leaving Newgrounds and I want to stop working on "Madness: Sierra Nevada" due some reasons I will list below. The project wasn't bringing me the inner harmony how it is supposed to be and the feeling like I'm in chains until I'll suffer enough and finish the project I don't like was bothering me way too frequently. However, there are main reasons why I stopped working on the project

The lack of assistance - Yes, I was getting helped I'm not going to lie. I had REAL friends who were actually helping me in code, soundtrack and the animation which I'm very thankful to them. But there were many people not helping me but they asked me for. I really required help like in level design but they not only were doing nothing, they weren't telling me why and it caused many problems. I was working mostly alone on the project and I could not split the time on making levels, coding, animating and drawing. I simply could not that's why I was looking for assistance.

It wastes too much time - Making games is not easy job and I perfectly know, 1 year of development is not a short lifespan of my project which I'm so proud. However, I don't think that spending hours, nights of coding is a good idea, of course I could not do that but anyway I was always busy making the game so I could not speak with my friends and it caused me many personal problems.

The loss of interest - Yes, this is the biggest problem each creator can stuck, but I'm not interested in Madness anymore including the game so lately I'm not getting satisfied when I'm making the game.

I am tired of game dev - I don't want to make games yet and I'm interested in making music rather than developing computer games.

Newgrounds - I'm getting angry when in featuring arts I only see animu gurls with big boobs in erotic pose using tags like "oppai","big-tiddies","ass", etc. and then I read comments there like "OmG sO tHiCc 5 sTaRs". Also it is funny when the game with shitty gameplay but with the woman with big ass in the thumbnail becomes a game of year (Yes, Labyrneath, I'm talking about you)

The project is unoriginal - The game is just Madness-themed copy of Hotline Miami and I could do something more original but the lack of imagine didn't allow me to do this.

I think I'm done, well I'm sorry if I disappointed you but this is my project and I do whatever I want and I want to go my own path of my life. If you still have questions you may post them in comments, I'll try to answer them as possible as I can.



Posted by HeavyBro - June 26th, 2019

Hey, once I started working by improving my pixel art skills and general drawing.

Check it out what I just got.


Posted by HeavyBro - June 8th, 2019

I've done what people were asking me to add for a long time. Now cursor moves along with the character.



Posted by HeavyBro - May 26th, 2019

Guys, if I would upload the level editor for my game somewhere and share with you. Would you build some levels just for fun? It would be cool to interact with my audience and play your levels.


Posted by HeavyBro - January 28th, 2019

The game now has better AI, performance, tons of new weapons and better restart feature via quicksaving.

The game now can handle over 100 enemies at one screen and they do not drop the FPS value. By the way in Madness Day 2019 I'll try to put more levels unlike the first demo version. Also the another demo will be the last and I will put all of my effort finishing the full game. Have a good day, pals.



Posted by HeavyBro - January 4th, 2019

Lol, but the game is still in progress dw


Posted by HeavyBro - December 27th, 2018

Hello guys. Today I'm gonna talk about the game and what's new.

Well I think I should start with really good news.

  1. I hardly improved performance and the game must lag less at least for weak computers
  2. Most of characters have new pretty and detailed look
  3. I've added new features that Hotline Miami doesn't have like bullet time or dual-wielding weapons at any place and any time
  4. I also put more options in case of lag, so i hope they'll help you.
  5. I added tons of new weapons such as new shotguns, assault rifles and sub-machine guns. Also some special ones like grenade launchers and more ;)
  6. More achievements!!

About my plans:
I'm planning something really big and cool for my game, but I didn't completely decide do it or not

What Am I planning to do?

  • First, I wanna make P2P (Peer-to-peer) onlnie Multiplayer with different gamemodes
  • If possible I might put modding there with javascript so modders can make everything they want
  • Workshop where users can upload their levels on Newgrounds (It's not necessary)

I think that's all. If you wanna follow the progress then, join my Discord

By the way, if you wish to donate me then you can donate me with USD via Paypal

For donators they can have an access for the early testing before the game gets public


Posted by HeavyBro - December 5th, 2018

Well it was really fast to reach 200 fans for me. Thanks again for your support!


Posted by HeavyBro - November 28th, 2018

Ye, now im 16 years old


Posted by HeavyBro - October 2nd, 2018

Thanks, Tom for giving me a free supporter also thank you all for making my game popular and me happy! ;dddd